Creating your great experience for spa and pampering services


5 Years experiences for our service at Chala number6 Hotel.

WAYA Spa Open Daily: 09.00 AM - 11.00 PM.

Welcome to Waya Spa
Lanna Luxury spa in Chiangmai town, 5 Years experiences for our service at Chala number6 Hotel “It’s not only massage but also science of healing the body and mind.

Let us be a part of creating your great experience.”
Apart from spa and pampering services. We also have a wonderful ‘Aromatherapy Products’ for refreshing your daily life under the brand “Waya” products.

Salon De Chala Open Daily: 8.00 AM - 8.00 PM

Offers two types of hair salons and barbers. Book a beautician or barber service at Salon De Chala
Discover the new salon and barber service by expert team. You deserve the best with our full-service
Standard Haircut begins with a Vintage- Classic old School and Beard- Much tach shaven.
At Salon De Chala you can enjoy with shampoo blow dry, professional hair treatment. In addition, we also have makeup and do hair dressing services for Thai costume. Please finding menu and our special promotion at “Salon De Chala” Studio.